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Enter the net salary you want to received from your employer and find out how much your gross salary should be in the chosen tax year.

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Tax exempt remuneration

Tax exempt remuneration

Subject to certain conditions, you may be entitled to the following tax exemptions on your remuneration as outlined in the Cyprus Income Tax Law 118(I)/2002 (as amended):

- 20% of your gross remuneration or €8,550 (whichever is lower) §8(21)
- 50% of your gross remuneration §8(23)
- 100% of your gross remuneration for services performed outside Cyprus for more than 90 days §36(5)

Personal tax deadline 2022
31 Jul 2023
Do I have to pay personal income tax?

Do I have to pay personal income tax?

Completing form IR.59 / TD.59 correctly

Completing form IR.59 / TD.59 correctly

How to find a good tax accountant

How to find a good tax accountant

Tax rates 2022
from (€) to (€) tax
0 19,500 0%
19,500 28,000 20%
28,000 36,300 25%
36,300 60,000 30%
over 60,000 35%
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