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How to register for TAXISnet

The TAXISnet online system will enable you to:
- file in and send electronically your tax return
- go back to the tax return you have already started
- review and print previously submitted returns
- check the status of your tax return

Why you should register

Starting tax year 2017, your personal income tax returns (TD.1/IR.1) can be submitted only electronically. Paper income tax returns will not be readily available.

Who can register for TAXISnet

Individuals who have already filed their registration application with the IRD using form TD.2001 (former IR.163) and have obtained a Tax Identification Code (TIC).

What tax returns can be submitted

The following tax returns are available for electronic submission:
- TD.1 (former IR.1) employees and pensioners
- TD.1SE (former IR.1SE) self-employed
- TD.1SE ACC (former IR.1SE ACC) self-employed accounts
- IR.7 employers

How to apply for TAXISnet access

The application for TAXISnet is electronic. The paper-based forms have been replaced by an electronic online application which you will have to complete on the TAXISnet Service website. After submitting your personal particulars and unique registration number, you will receive an email with the login credentials (username and password).

TAXISnet online registration page

TAXISnet Registration

What details are needed to register

For the correct electronic application, you should provide the following details:
- Tax Identification Code (TIC): an 8-digit number followed by 1 capital Latin letter
- At least one telephone number (home, business or mobile)
- Your personal email address
- The unique registration number

Your tax accountant

Once registered with TAXISnet you can authorise your tax accountant to submit your income tax returns online. Authorisations and revocations can be managed via your online TAXISnet user profile. Note that form IR.67 and IR.69 are no longer accepted.

Using TAXISnet for the first time?

The electronic version of the personal income tax return closely resembles the paper format of the same; however, we strongly recommend that you seek help and guidance from your tax accountant or advisor at least for your first return.

How do I get my unique registration number

The unique TAXISnet registration number will be sent to you by post at the correspondence address you have provided to the tax department. Using the code and your personal details you will activate your TAXISnet account. If you have not received your unique registration number, contact TAXISnet Service.

Where I can start the online TAXISnet application

The online forms are available at the TAXISnet Service website: TAXISnet online registration.
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