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TAXISnet: Taking advantage of electronic tax submission

In 2004, the Cyprus authorities launched TAXISnet Service, an electronic system for submission of tax returns.
In order to have access to and use TAXISnet for submitting income tax returns online, you need to first apply for the service. The service is free of charge and applications can be obtained either from the Inland Revenue District office or downloaded from the website of the TAXISnet Service or from our compilation of Cyprus tax forms.

There are two application forms, IR.66 and IR.80 besides two other which are used when the tax returns are submitted on your behalf of your tax advisor or accountant. Form IR.66 is for individuals and IR.80 is for partnerships and companies. Both forms require that you fill in details of your tax identification code (TIC), name, address, telephone and email, as well as indicate the type of income tax return you wish to be able to submit on-line. You will have to sign the form and together with a copy of your passport submit it in person at the Inland Revenue District office. Note, that in case you do not have TIC, you will need to first apply for one by completing form IR.163 (for individuals) or IR.162 (for partnerships and companies).

The same forms, IR.66 and IR.80, are used to communicate any changes in the details you have initially submitted (change of address for example).
For more details, you can contact TAXISnet at 22807334.
  • Easy - With an average computer and Internet skills, it is easy to complete, store and print out a copy of your tax return submission
  • Convenience - You can access TAXISnet day or night, so you need not wait on those long cues just to submit your tax return
  • Acknowledgement - Instead of sending your income tax return by post and hoping it does not get lost, filling on TAXISnet will give you an instant acknowledgement of your submission and follow up its progress
  • Completion at your own pace - You can save your data safely and return to it later. This means you can complete your tax return at your own pace, provided you meet the filing deadline
  • Extended deadline - The deadline for filing online returns is later (30 July) than for paper returns (30 April)
  • Safe and secure - The TAXISnet website has 128-bit encryption, so your login details and submission are secured
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