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Our fees

Our profitability depends on the client satisfaction that comes through carefully-built, sustainable and mutually satisfactory relationships. When you engage our services, you are contracting for our time, experience, and breadth of professional expertise. Our pricing policy is to charge based on the time we spend, and with due regard to the level of experience of the partners and staff concerned. Prior to the first appointment we review and agree on our billing with all of our potential clients. We encourage all clients to review our tips on how to help keep their fees as low as possible. By following simple strategies such as being organized, maintaining good quality accounting records, communicating promptly information we request, and generally sticking to the facts can go a long way to reducing your fees.

Traditionally, professional firms have unnecessarily complex pricing mechanism, making it difficult for clients to estimate and manage their costs. With Quantia Advisors, you will clearly understand and have control over the fees your are charged. A fixed fee, agreed upfront for key yearly tasks, will give you complete peace of mind with regard to future costs.

All initial consultations are free and without obligation. In these consultations we address your queries and work to develop a deeper understanding of your business needs.

Our transparent pricing model is simple and fully aligned with our business objectives. We have no artificial mark-ups on the cost for services where we do not add value (such as registrations for VAT, VIES, IRD and issue of certificated/apostille company certificates). The price we pay for any outsourced services is the same price you will pay. You see precisely how we are paid for the work we do.

There are no surprises.
No hidden charges and fees.

2019 Fees *


Financial Advisory


Audit & Accounting

  • General accounting
    Bookkeeping and annual accounts

    General accounting | Bookkeeping and annual accounts

    €500 per year + €3 per transaction

  • Audit
    Dormant company

    Audit | Dormant company


  • Audit
    Micro enterprise

    Audit | Micro enterprise

    €500 - €1,000

  • Audit
    Small enterprise

    Audit | Small enterprise

    €1,000 - €3,000

  • Audit
    Medium-sized enterprise

    Audit | Medium-sized enterprise

    €3,000 - €5,000

  • Audit
    Large enterprise and PLCs

    Audit | Large enterprise and PLCs

    from €5,000

  • IFRS reporting

    IFRS reporting

    from €200

* All prices are in Euros (€) and are exclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to amend our fees at any time without notice.