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Cyprus Tax Department

The objective of the Cyprus Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is the administration and enforcement of direct tax legislation and double tax treaties as well as the collection of public revenue. It also ensures that tax application and execution is consistent with Cyprus government policy of sound public finance, combating tax evasion and provision of quality service to taxpayers.

In addition to the IRD's Head Office located in Nicosia, there are five district tax offices and an electronic tax service (TAXISnet) which can be accessed through the Internet.

Contact details (telephone, email and address) can be found from on the map below.

Working hours

08:00 - 14:30

Phone numbers of the TAXISnet service


VAT, VIES, Intrastat
22446194 - eSubmission
22446202 - eSubmission
22446189 - Activation/Registration
22446195 - Activation/Registration
22454875 - Activation/Registration
22446189 - Deactivation/Deregistration
22446183 - Activation/Registration
22446216 - Deactivation/Deregistration
22446217 - Deactivation/Deregistration

Tax department addresses

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